Epicor File Attachments with Sharepoint


We have been unable to successfull get attachments to work with the new version of Epicor 2021.2 and the new sharepoint authenication with Microsoft Azure. We feel like we followed all the steps and do have an Epicor ticket opened and they are researching.But no luck so far.

Was curious if anyone who uses sharepoint has tested successfully with the new version of Epicor in Pilot?

Vheck if you set up application permissions as descibed in the doc, and that cloud admin approved those permissions.

Thanks for the reply Olga. When you mentioned the doc, do you just mean the various steps in Epicor Help? Just want to be sure that was the only documentation we should be referring to.

Yes, as far as I see on your screenshot, you need to follow steps from Setup for File Transfer using service.

Thanks Olga. If anyone else is having issues please let us know. We are still waiting to get an answer on our Case with Epicor, as they are trying to recreate it.

We think we have followed all the steps correctly. Really just curious if any other users are having issues that use Epicor and Sharepoint and the new version 2021.2

We are not able to use in Epicor ERP 10. Have you been successful on ERP 10?

Yes, it worked fine for us all the way up intil this new 2021.2 version where we have to use Microsoft Azure.

Previously (current production), we just connect to sharepoint online like screenshot below. Epicor has acknowledged other clients are having the same issue, so it does not appear to just be us.

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