Epicor handling of Rework and Indirect labor?

How exactly is Rework labor cost separated from regular labor cost?
Epicor help file:

Rework Labor
Rework is used to identify labor necessary due to recover the part’s value by redoing an operation correctly. It is entered on the employee labor report.
Rework hours and cost are identified on each job so that future requotes can be more accurate.

However, I’m seeing on the JobAsmbl table, rework labor hours are lumped in with TLAProdHours. Is the Rework cost separated somewhere else, on a built in screen? Can’t find one. Or would I need to make a dashboard to see it, pulling data from JobOperDtl / LaborDtl?

And for the Indirect hours - is there a built in screen/dashboard that shows this? I can’t find one either, so thinking it needs a dashboard as well…
We aren’t using the payroll module.


There isnt an out of the box report that I know of. I made a BAQ and dashboard using JobOpDtl and LaborDtl.
LaborDtl has a rework bool that you can use. when an employee clocks rework there are rework codes that you will need to set up for them to pick.

Alright thanks for sanity check. Yay more dashboards…! :expressionless:

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