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I’m a sucker. Done.

We were talking about EMW and other options today, actually, so I’m all for making that more user-friendly.

Edit: @jgiese.wci Out of curiosity, Do I show up as “Guest” on that site where I voted for your idea? I really do wonder how someone can be a “guest.” If so, is it because I didn’t bother to set up Gravatar?

I added the workaround customizations to that idea in case anyone else needs it. Though with Mobile Warehouse there is no workaround.

@JasonMcD You can also place multiple votes per idea. Although I am partial to mine: Add the Idea Number to the Release Notes so you can see which features and fixes came from Ideas. https://epicor-manufacturing.ideas.aha.io/ideas/ERP-I-203

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@John_Mitchell I saw that, GUEST. I did not know who submitted that.

Again, I’m a sucker. You got my vote. Networking is everything.

I honestly do like the idea, though.

And you can take you vote away if they mark it as unlikely…

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I added two just now and would appreciate feedback - especially if I’m totally missing something :slight_smile: and should fix/delete them.


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I have to say my impression of Epicor’s responsiveness is 100% better than 2.5 years ago when we started this journey. I’ve gone from cynic to “one day I’d like to sell this stuff”


I spoke with a support rep today who said that they are looking at these ideas for Epicor 11.


Thanks for the post, @timshuwy! I missed your post previously, but just found out about this when I submitted a feature request to support.
Here’s mine (peak / historical user license tracking), if anyone wants to spend any of their precious votes :grin:: https://epicor-manufacturing.ideas.aha.io/ideas/ERP-I-240
As per these previous posts:
Tracking Epicor licence usage
E10 Sessions/License Usage

Gotta throw one of my ideas in here. For resetting the LastCCDate for kicking off a cycle counting program.


@Graemer I know you’ll have my back…

You know I do! :slight_smile:

I think an idea that is needed is for ALL the Problems that have been accepted to be reviewed and put on some kind of schedule!

I bet the number of those would dwarf the list things on the ideas site. I like the ideas site so that others can review and vote but it is a little overwhelming to look at them all.

It would help if the sorting and filtering worked properly too. Not Epicor’s platform though so not sure how much can be done about that.

Right, especially for ones that have been “accepted” for years, like the LastCCDate, um, feature.

Yes - soon after we went live I noticed that it might be a good idea to monitor failed scheduled tasks on the system monitor. The problem is that blank reports are also considered a “failure”.

I make a suggestion to have a 3rd status for the system monitor so that IT could focus on the reports or jobs that truly had a problem and it was accepted. The analyst I corresponded with said this was a feature on Vantage or an older system but for some reason was not available on E10. That was 4 years ago and no response.


If I recall task agent is already in the pipeline for rebuild to make monitoring it and it’s failures far more friendly. Don’t quote me on that, but something in the back of my head tells me that.


Yes, you are right. Someone mentioned at the 2019 conference that they had to do that “read soon now”. I agree that the system monitor needs a rebuild.