Epicor Learning Center - Do you need an additional license to view the "Hand's On" Courses?

Can anyone help me understand whether we need an additional license to see the Hands on Courses in the Epicor Learning Center?

I would like to know also - lots of talk here about wanting to purchase the Learning module as well.

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We own & pay maintenance for the legacy ‘Embedded Education’ module, which used to live in the modern UI (not Kinetic homepage). Epicor cloned those to the Epicor Learning Center website.

The only courses we don’t seem to get included in ELC are the live learning ones that are separate paid sessions…

Not sure if that helps…

I appreciate it Andris. We also see pretty much everything, but I wanted to know what the difference was between the courses offered to all customers and those that have this legacy license or the newer, converted license called “Epicor Learning.”

We asked our CAM for a demo to highlight the features of the Epicor Learning License (formally the embedded education license). I’ll report back here with what we learned.

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I think the ones where you go into it and it says hands on and there is no link to watch a recording are meant to be done in the embedded education. The problem is that they’ve made it really hard to access the embedded education now - if you use the old Shell home page the education courses link is there, but if you use the new Kinetic home page its not. Some of them have a link in the ELC to view the embedded education content online, some don’t. I have just taken to getting the pdfs off my server and sending them to people because what else are you supposed to do? I have complained to both support and the Epicweb team about this but all they did was add a link in one specific example. Here is an example of one of the courses that DOES have the embedded content posted online:

And here is an example of one that does NOT. How am I supposed to access this Epicor??

As of Kinetic 2022, “Embedded Education” is no longer available (even in on-premise installations). The “Education” item in the License Listing provides access to the ELC. I have two current projects on K-2022, one SaaS and one on-prem, and both have that checkbox selected. I honestly can’t imagine someone buying Epicor without it, but I suppose it’s possible.

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Yes it is still available - as long as you use the Shell home page, the education courses link is still there under the help.
If you use the Kinetic home page, there isn’t a way to launch them from within Epicor, but the files are still there on the server (for on prem anyway):

If you are on prem, the files go onto your server:

Oh I just noticed you said 2022, so you are saying when we upgrade from 2021 to 2022 they will take these away? That will not be good.

In 2022, in Classic main menu, under Help, the link to the Education Courses is still there… but if you click it, the resulting screen doesn’t have the course options any more.

In 2021 and earlier, I’d recommend going into that Education Courses link, go to EACH course there, click Launch, and under the “Before You Begin” heading download the “Printable version of course”

We just learned of this after our CAM sold us the license… That’s why I am posting here because I was told all of the content is on the Epicor Learning Center.

My question is, did we need this license to view the newly moved content or is it included in the base courses now?

What do you mean by “newly moved content”? Everything on the ELC now is new content… the classic Embedded Education documents are not being updated. They are replaced by the “Hands-On Learning” documents on the ELC.

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That’s what I mean Ernie, are the “Hands-On Learning” courses free to everyone or do you need an additional license?

If you had Embedded Education previous to Kinetic 2022, you will have access to the ELC in Kinetic 2022 and beyond. If you did NOT have Embedded Education, you probably won’t… but I don’t KNOW that.

i need to KNOW haha

Then you’d probably need to talk to your CAM… and hope that THEY know! Both of the projects I mentioned previously were originally written under Kinetic 2021, and they both have Embedded Education in their contracts (which, since it didn’t exist any more when the contract was executed, got changed to just Education in the license file).

At least that’s how I THINK it worked. Sort of like CO RDF… we’re still kind of making it up as we go.

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Yeah that’s my question, is this a free offering now or are they charging more for certain content in the ELC?

If they don’t know that embedded education isn’t offered anymore I find that frustrating. Especially when the person who made the purchase for our company mentioned embedded education specifically. It should have been explained that this is no longer offered in 2022.1

We are fine with paying for the “Hands-On Courses” so long as that’s what it takes to view them. If they are free to everyone now, I don’t know what we just bought. We asked for a demo of the features that come exclusively with the Epicor Learning license. I’ll post about it when we have the meeting.

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It seems since @utaylor started this thread there is less content there there was a month ago. I know there are videos I have sent users to watch that are no longer on the list and most of what is left is a class to register for.

I’m pretty sure you need the license to view the courses. Otherwise when you go into the ELC there is a limited selection of videos available (like new feature release stuff) but not the full courses. We just bought the embedded education license less than 6 months ago and it opened up a lot of content that wasn’t there before.

Thanks Alisa for that input! I have always had the license so I didn’t know what was there and what was not.

Greg, I have noticed a lot of courses over the past 2 years have been pulled.

I never understood why, but I am guessing it is because they used the classic interface during the videos.

I used to have trainings set up per department that consisted of a mix between ELC content and embedded education courses in the demo environment. I was surprised to find that they pulled so many courses that quickly. It hurt our onboarding.