Epicor MES - capture labor on an operation with multiple employees

I’m curious how other companies are capturing labor where there are more than one employee at an operation and you want to capture time and quantity. Do you have multiple employees clock in on each job? That seems to makes sense if the production standard is low, but would lend itself to a lot of inefficiency when the pieces per hour increase.

How are you guys accomplishing this?

Yeah this has been pretty challenging for us too. Eager to see other responses.
Here’s how we are doing it –
Created single Employee Ids which represent a group - E.g. EmpID: 1234 → Asm Crew 4
Within Emp_Basic set Labor rates that represent a group of 4. E.g. standard rate is say 10$, for EmpID 1234 the rate is set as 40$.
Also created a User defined field in Emp_Basic called ‘NumOfEmp’ and entered in ‘4’ which represent that ID consist of 4 crew.

While reporting to an OPR – Via MES Emp_ID 1234
For costing purposes since the rates already represent combined rate of 4 – this works okay
From a labor analytics standpoint-- Effective labor hours equals to LaborDtl.LaborHrs * NumOfEmp

This is working okay for us, but it has it’s own challenges. Probably something you can explore in the meantime, however we plan to eventually build up to the infrastructure where all 4 crew members can clock in on the same operation so fast that the even if they have have to clock in and out like just seconds or minutes apart it will not affect their productivity/efficiency.

There are some 3rd party apps like Bezl.io etc. but we are still apprehensive about such 3rd party solutions. Still exploring.

This is something we will be doing but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

The method I am planning on going with is having all employees clocking into the job but have one ‘lead’ that reports the quantity.

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As a follow-up I have been trying to determine if there is some out-of-the-box functionality I was missing and it doesn’t sound like it. I try to stay in the box wherever possible.

We had some Team functionality developed to try to solve this. It sort of goes like this: the team organizer opens Work Queue. He/she then adds the team members to the “team” (stored in a UD table). He/she then starts Production Activity. This creates a LaborDtl record for each of the employees on the Job-Asm-Op with ActiveTrans=1. When the team organizer ends activity, he/she enters the qty and ends activity. The qty is credited to the team organizer and then it sets each of their ActiveTrans status to 0. The team is destroyed when the organizer closes out of Work Queue.

Oh thats cool! Mind sharing how you built that Team functionality?
Wondering if we can explore that too. If adding members to a team is easier and fast that will solve some issues such as calculated feilds on Effective Labor Hours for whatever the Team size is and also being able to have rates set up per person as opposted to per team. We have teams with mixed rates. Like maybe a person gets 1$, other gets 1.2$ and such instances.

Sorry for the huge delay, I’m not seeing notifications on replies. We had the Team functionality developed by Epicor CSG. Currently the Team is only in WorkQueue so once you close WQ, the team is disbanded. We’re considering rearchitecting it to build the team at the main MES screen and be persistent through all labor activities. Many times a team might be doing time and qty transactions but not using the WQ.

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