EPICOR Performance

Hi everyone.

I know this topic has been covered many many times but we have on-going performance issues with E10 that we just can’t resolve. Firstly, I understand that this is a tricky topic as in the first instance we need to define what constitutes acceptable performance but generally we are talking about forms taking too long (some times up to and over a minute) load and slow data retrieval.

We have probably read every forum discussion and KB article going and tried almost everything we can but there are a couple of things that I would like to get peoples views / comments on.

Firstly the SQL Query Test in the PDT often fails, at best generates a warning but a the moment almost never passes. This should be a clue to an issue but the SQL Server and APP Server do not appear stressed and we have performed various network checks etc. and not found any issues.

The second thing is that we are running on hosted virtual servers and when comparing the hardware specs defined by EPICOR one thing we have not got is 100% CPU Allocation on the Virtual Servers. Our hosting partner has told us that this is not possible.

So my question here really is how big a deal is the CPU Allocation on Virtual Servers? Do I need to push harder to see if we can get 100% CPU Allocation somehow? Or do we just keep looking at other areas?

As you suggest, it’s a big topic with so many moving parts…

My contribution would be to say check the indexes on SQL. Are you running any regular maintenance to reindex? Have you checked index fragmentation?

Hi Mark, yes we run a weekly maintenance schedule to optimize / rebuild indexes.