Epicor Service Connect Alternative

We currently use Epicor Service Connect to import sales orders and update time clock information into Epicor. It is a snail a best and often takes extended periods of time to complete. Does anyone have an Alternative to using Epicor Service Connect? I have heard Datix has a product called Unity that may be a possibility but do not know much about it.

Jitterbit or SSIS :slight_smile:

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We import sales orders using Import EDI Process under Demand Management. It is very fast. We get about 200 orders in one dump and they are imported almost instantaneous – few minutes.

Vinay Kamboj

have you considered using DMT to do these imports? DMT allows for easy and automated importing.

I was always told that WCF / Business Objects will always be faster than REST. Can JB do BOs? :slight_smile:

It can, but we are moving off of it to SSIS

Either way both of these options are faster at processing than service connect

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I would be very interested to learn how to automate DMT. We do use it but don’t know how to automate.

Click on the DMT Link in Downloads on Epicweb if you want to look at the Tutorial videos, Quick Start Guide and the Command Line Interface Lab.


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We use Service Connect and are looking at JitterBit.

On the whole, though, we’ve found Service Connect to be fast and reliable when set up well with efficient workflows. I don’t know if we’d be looking at anything else if it weren’t for the fact that our systems landscape is broadening beyond Epicor. Might there be things you could do with Service Connect before starting again?

Rumour has it that Jitterbit cannot match Service Connect on large workloads at present.

Yes, Unity is built as a cloud service to provide either ‘canned’ integrations like Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Hubspot etc, or can be used to build any custom on & off premise integrations. Conceptually it’s similar to Jitterbit but much more mature with a long track record working with E10 & Prophet 21