EpiUltraCombo Dropdown Width only correct after first dropdown


I am currently designing an EpiUltraCombo dropdown that gets it’s data from a BAQ. The issue is, my manually set width for the columns only kicks in after the first time I click on the dropdown. (The first time I click on the dropdown, the column width is like 50; after, I set it to 1700 so it is a very noticeable change). Is this an issue that is well known? I wish I could take a screen shot but every time I click away to take a snip, the dropdown goes away.

Things I’ve tried:
Setting the width in form load
Setting the width before and after drop down
Setting the width in properties


In case someone else also has this question, the solution was to populate the ItemList property. Because I’m using a BAQ for my values, I filled the dropdown with its values on form load. beforedropdown is not early enough to edit the dropdown size on the first display.