Change the dropdown width on a UBAQ column set as a dropdown based on UserCodes

I’ve done some serious searching and while i can find code and property values for this when it’s a custom control we create, I can’t find it for this peculiar instance. Hoping maybe someone out there knows.

I’ve got a UBAQ for OrderDtl where the only update-able field is ConfidencePct. In the BAQ editor, I’ve set this column’s advanced editor value to be a dropdown based on our own set of UserCodes.

I need to control the width of the dropdown.

UBAQ Field editor value screen

**On the Dashboard, it looks like this. **

How can I widen that list?
I’ve tried a UI customization layer, but I can’t seem to grasp what the control reference would be. So I figure if I change the Format value so I can track it down in the XML editor, I can’t seem to tell what the GUID is. So I’ve tried adding the following (one at a time) in the appropriate place in the XML, but neither work.


So I’m stumped, if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be grateful.

You can try to use this event

this.ultraGrid.AfterEnterEditMode += new EventHandler(this.ultraGrid_AfterEnterEditMode);

private void ultraGrid_AfterEnterEditMode(object sender, EventArgs e)
    UltraGrid control = sender as UltraGrid;
    UltraGridCell cell = control.ActiveCell;

    if ( cell.Column.Key == "whatever" )

I assume that cell.EditorResolved (will refer to the dropdown) then you can widen it there? something like

cell.EditorResolved.DropDownWidth = 2000;

This is out of the top of my head guessing so handle with care.

ok, thanks. I’ll dig in a little bit on this one and ‘handle with care’.

Mike you figure this out?

Ken - I cannot for the life of me remember (or now find) how I got this to work. I just went back in to the uBAQ and Dashboard to see if I could see it. But it does work - the DropDown is wide enough now, unlike in the image above.

No custom layer on the DB, nothing in the Extended Properties for the field on OrderDtl, nothing in the advanced field editor in the BAQ.

I’m drawing a complete blank at this point. I should’ve taken better notes and posted back on this post.