Erp-text-box - When are these gonna work, or am I dumb?

Anybody know when the Max Length, or Pattern fields are going to work?
Or do they work and I’m just dumb?

Max-Length seems to limit nothing.
Pattern is supposed to accept a regular expression, but all it takes is the characters:
0-9 . and -


No takers I see. I was hoping someone was gonna tell me I was dumb.

Here’s your chance…

C’mon @timshuwy , I see you lurking in the line of circles…

I believe max length refers to the number of digits or letters. It must be used in conjunction with pattern else its ignored by the browser.

E.g 0-4 in max length
\d in pattern


-9999 > 9999

Give it ago…

Sorry, this is outside of my expertise, so I didn’t answer. :expressionless:

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The pattern is full.

Yeah, I just pinged you in case you knew if this control was incomplete.
Thanks anyway though sir :slight_smile:

You ever figure this out @klincecum or just give up?

I assumed it was broken.

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Can confirm does not work in 2023.1.6… or maybe I am just dumb as well

Also noticed in this version, in the Pattern setting for the textbox you can only enter numbers now (how in the hell are you supposed to enter a regular expression)