Error: CS1002

I try to publish dashboard, but I receive an error, is there a place I can see what the error is? line 46 (45) tells me nothing…

Message: --------compile errors------------
Error: CS1002 - line 46 (45) - ; expected

** Compile Failed. **


This is most likely an error in your customization. Open the script editor and put a semicolon at the end of line 46.

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Matthew Morgan

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I didn’t do customization, I build this from Dashboard, it does not allow me to publish.


Then in that case, you have an error in one of the constituent BAQs.

the baq does not any raise error.

Ok, so when does this error occur? When you’re in the dashboard designer program and you try to save it? Or when you try to deploy it?

when I try to deploy it.

Try creating a new dashboard definition with the same BAQs and see if you get the error.

Do you have a tracker in the dashboard? Did you mess with that?

try opening the tracker customization and see if the customization compiles there.

the baq that pivots with customer attribute description. I’m wondering if dashboard deployment dislikes the columns with space

maybe? FWIW, you haven’t given anyone any good information to go on here. Just one pretty generic error, and now a screen shot of the display columns. I’m not sure anyone would be able to diagnose your problem with that limited amount of information.

If you suspect that to be the problem, then troubleshoot it.

I am facing the same issue at the moment.

I’ve pinned the cause down to the “&” within the display column. I have a Pivot Dashboard I am trying to create with 50+ resource groups. 8 of those resource groups have an “&” and I am getting this same error 8 times when trying to deploy the dashboard.

The BAQ occasionally gets displays an enumeration error or the “Object reference not set to an instance of the object” error when going to change the Pivot List, but does not error at all upon execution.

The dashboard does not have any issues displaying the data upon refresh

Compile errors only occur when trying to deploy the dashboard, either by Test Application or Deploy Smart Client Application.

Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this and deploy the dashboard other than renaming all the workcenters?