Error when try to approve PO's

We are getting this error when we try to approve a supplier Purchase order.

What’s in the details? Do you have some custom BPMs on approval? Looks like something with an email is wrong if you’re getting a SMTP exception.

here is the top part

Here is the second. I think i might have figured it out after your said looks like an email error. i will let you know unless there is something else you can see wrong from the error

nope still doesn’t work

The error comes from a BPM, which means this is a customization your company made.

I’d suggest you contact your IT department.

It’s an issue with a BPM you have. It can’t send an email or something. That’s what the SMTP error is about.

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@taustin If you are on prem then turn on or check that server logging is on. The name of the bpm will be in serverlog.txt just before the exception.

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Looks like you have a BPM that’s sending emails but there’s an issue with your SMTP. The settings could be wrong (see System Setup - Cmy/Site Maintenance - Company Maintenance - Email and Reporting tab) or the server has some issues (if you have a SMTP server set up)
For the BPM, I would look at method directives for POApvMsg or data directives for the POApvMsg table