EstProdHours in the PartOpr table not calculating correctly

We are on version We noticed the EstProdHours in the PartOpr table does not display anything smaller then .01 hours. There are 5 decimal places according to Data Dictionary and the field does not have problem displaying .01111 hours. But if the MOM is setup in a way that the EstProdHours should be less then .01, it rounds up to .01 hours. It did work at one time, we ran a query on the field and we have some older MOMs that have less the .01 EstProdHours, So we figure sometime in 10.1 it worked and then was broke again. We found a workaround for what we wanted to, (recalculating the EstProdHours ourselves) so this isn’t an issue that we need to solve, just thought we’d put here as an FYI
I did start a call with epicor and they wanted to link me to a similar issue with EstProdHours on the JobOper table, on that table the EstProdHours field does only display 2 decimals. And although they are similar I do not think they related as evidenced by our history of PartOpr.EstProdHours that are less then .01 and greater then 0. For what it is worth, there is an issue we noticed, and our workaround was doing the calculations ourselves.

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I can confirm I have seen this exact bug where EstProdHours and RequiredQty do not calculate properly and have values of 0.00 even though all other numerical fields had positive values and would factor into those calculations. This is also in 10.2.700, and I have seen it in base job entry form with no customizations.

What I discovered in fixing this was that a handful of methods are not being called properly or at all in some cases (unsure of why), namely:

JobEntry.ChangeJobOperProdStandard() (or similarly “Change…QtyPer”, etc).
and similarly for job Materials:

I had to place method directives in to execute these methods after ops or materials were added / updated on a job and had the empty/missing/broken/bugged 0.00 value and it fixed the issue. Without having to feed any changed fields, just the existing db row with RowMod = “U” to those methods and the calculations ran.

You probably don’t need this answer anymore seeing it has been nearly 5 years!

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