EWB - Mass check in of selected parts

It’s not uncommon for our planners to have many parts checked out to them in Engineering Work Bench, say for example 100 different part/revisions. Is there a way to mass check in and approve only a portion of those, say only 30 of them? That is, instead of having to perform the individual “Approve and Check In” on each part? There is a “Group / Approve and Check in All” Action, but in testing this approves and checks in ALL parts that are currently checked out to that Group, which is something we don’t want.

In an ideal scenario, we’d like to be able to go to the Revision / List tab, multi-select the specific part/revisions we want to check in, then perform an Actions, Revision, Approve and Check In"…but that doesn’t appear possible.

Anyone have any alternatives?

Answering my own question with the only way I’ve found to do this: Built a dashboard over ECORev and EcoMtl (parts are already checked out, filters of ECORev.Approved = false & ECORev.CheckedOut = true ), with added blank columns for “Plant” and “ECOGroupID”. The dashboard prompts for ECORev.ECOGroupId. The user then copies everything that shows up into an Excel worksheet, then deletes whatever they don’t want checked in, then saves as a *.CSV document. They then open DMT, open Engineering, Bill of Materials, set the source to the new CSV, and process it. This checks in only those parent items listed on the spreadsheet. There is no prompt for check-in comments.

Probably not the most sophisticated way to do it, but it gets the job done.