Mass check out part in engineeering workbench

Is there any way we can do the mass check out of parts in the engineering workbench?

In the past, I created an updatable dashboard that you could paste a list of parts into, and it would checkout the list to the EWB… This sounds easy at first, but there are other factors, like:

  1. you have to provide the EWB Group
  2. you have to specify which rev to checkout
  3. many companies want to create a new rev each time this happens. Need to define how to create that next rev id

I did this for probably 4-5 companies, and each one had different rules and processes for how to “automatically” do this. One automatically bumped the rev. The next always provided a new rev (which was created by the Dashboard). Still another didn’t have multiple revs, but only checked out the one active rev. SO>… this is not as easy of a question as it first appears.

I can finally recommend DMT! For years people have suggested it to me to help solve some mass data problems like this. DMT would do this quicker than you can write up a support ticket when Epicor printing goes down!

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