Existing Order consuming New Forecast

Hello team,

We’re currently facing an issue and I’m wondering if any settings can be adjusted to address this situation.
We’ve been using Forecast Entry for some time now, and recently, we’ve observed that our new forecast is being consumed by our existing sales orders. I understand that there’s a window of X days before and X days after the forecast’s due date for consumption, which works well when the forecast is input before the sales order was entered.

Here’s the specific scenario:

Sales Order Entered on: Nov 30th, 2023 Existing Sales Order qty: 14pcs Sales Order Due Date: Jan 1st, 2024

New Forecast Entered on: Dec 5th, 2023 New Forecast qty: 30 pcs New Forecast Due Date: Jan 9th, 2024

As depicted in my Time Phase, it’s evident that the existing order is consuming my forecast of 30 pcs, resulting in a decrease in the forecast qty to 16 pcs.

Is there a way to prevent existing sales orders from consuming newly entered forecasts? Ideally, sales orders should only impact forecast quantities when entered after the forecast. Any assistance on this matter would be highly appreciated.


None that I know of. What is your Forecast Window?

Hey John,

Our window is 30 days prior and 30 days after, which works for us for the most part and I don’t want to change that.


Yeah, there is not a way out of the box that I know of that will only consider demand forward of the Forecast. When I implemented Forecast at a company before, there were a lot of concessions made to get it to work how we wanted and it was still not perfect. Have you looked at MPS? I don’t know your situation, but that may be a solution.