Expired Supplier Price List

We believe we are using the supplier price lists as designed. When we get a new price list we expire everything on the old list and then DMT the new pricing in with a new effective date. However, when putting the new price list in there may be times when items are not included so the only price is on an expired price list. Hence the issue: We now do a purchase order for a part that only is part of an expired pricelist. Rather than the PO pulling thru with a zero price, it appears to be pulling thru the price from the last PO. Is this how the system is supposed to work. We get no flag alerting us that there is no current price. Any suggestions on how to handle this in the future?

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I’m not sure how or why, but ours will pull in a $0.00 price if the price record is expired.

Maybe support has a way to change that setting.

Hi Gloria,

Sounds like this is following the path for pricing. When entering an item not on a price list, Epicor assumes you want to order it anyway and is trying to give you it’s next most appropriate price, the last PO price in this case.

I suggest either doing a query of the two price lists to find missing items prior to expiring the old list, or creating a BPM to send an alert to the user when they enter an item not on the price list.


Expired Date on Price List is optional, can always leave it. Epicor will search for the latest price by looking at the effective date.

Doesn’t make sense in our case, it didn’t use the price from either of the expired lists. It used the price from the last purchase order.

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This just happened to us. Of course when i run my own test it does not happen. I’ve put in a ticket with Epicor.

I’m guessing I will have to add new price records with value of $0.00 since that is what we were expecting to see for a specific group of parts that needed updating.

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Hi Kyle,

Just wondering what happened when you put in a ticket for this?

We now do add a new price record with value of $0.00 and expire the old price, however, when we did a PO it still pulled thru the last price other than zero.

Same thing happened to us, it still pulled old pricing.

This is the response:

The following is the Supplier Price List hierarchy, this is the reason why the PO is defaulting the last PO price instead of zero.

The unit price comes from Supplier Price List (price breaks) if any from the Supplier selected for the Suggestion.

Or if not Price List pricing is available, then it has to use the Unit Price from the last PO (Purchase Order) created for this same Supplier / vendor selected in the Suggestion for this same part.

If no Supplier Price List Unit Price or last PO Unit prices exists for the selected Supplier, then the Unit Price will default as 0.00 zero.

Suggestions: Check the UOM you have in price list and suggestions, there might be a conversion the system is doing for the unit price. Regenerate the suggestions, remember all changes (supplier price list changed or removed, etc.) won’t affect current records.

As a work around could create an active Price list with the base price set as zero.

You have 2 options:
a) As mentioned before, you could create a Price List with the base Unit price as zero.
b) If you have the MRP module, you can expire all price lists and select the Skip Last PO Supplier checkbox in the Company Configuration screen Modules/Production/MRP sheet. This way as there are no active price list and the system cannot use the last PO price, it would default to zero.

To find the latest expired price you could run a BAQ of the table VendPart, sorting by the ExpirationDate.

Interesting since essentially we are using the work around with a price of zero on an active Price List.

The only caveat in this situation is our old price list expired on 10/29 & our new one was effective 11/1. So perhaps this was all just a timing thing on our end.


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From what I can tell, No price and 0 will still pull the previously used price, unless that setting is changed in company config.

“Skip Last PO Supplier checkbox in the Company Configuration screen Modules/Production/MRP sheet.”

After discussing this option we’ve decided that won’t work as we purchase many items that aren’t on a supplier price list and do like the fact that it pulls thru the last purchase price.
However, we did just have this happen again today, with a price list that had been in our system since September and it is using the price from the old purchase order rather than from the supplier price list. One thing we noticed is our current price list only has a qty. of 2 and we were purchasing 1. So there was no quantity match on the current price list. However, the expired price list had a qty. 1 & 2. We haven’t had this problem before. We recently upgraded to 10.2.700.26.

We’re on 10.2.600.27 for reference. Same issues.