Exploded BOM Report for ALL parts

I have reviewed the example and Epicors Exploded Bom Example.

I have been asked to create a report of ALL Epicor BOMs with Indentions for ASM parent/child where layered ASMs exist making a child a parent for another child asm.

Epicor’s example is close but uses parameter for ONE part only. I need to recreate without the single part parameter and to make worse, we have more than ONE revision active at a time and use the drawing number to distinguish between parts.

Still playing but thought I would throw this out early for suggestions too to the valued group here.

Why? Who would need all that info in one report? The question is basically “Can you take this whole database and put it in paper form?” Yes, but why not just use the application instead?

I’ve been asked to do something like this myself. Multiple times, even. Every single time the answer was “Just use MRP.” I might have built something that summarizes the PartDtl table (the source for Time Phase) but I’m just pulling something the system already calculated.

I’ve thrown this out there before on another thread, but…

Do this as an MRP run in the test database. Add all parts to a sales order; make all parts make-direct, and then do a BAQ against all the JobMtl for unfirm jobs tied to order number 9999 or whatever it is.

For the rev thing, perhaps you may need to utilize the “Use Part Rev” setting. (I don’t really know how that works, though; research it.)

I feel like this is way less effort and less to go wrong than the million variables with pull as assembly, phantoms, rev dates, etc.