Export a Document's Content Fields - DocStar

Any DocStar gurus know a way to export a document’s “Content Fields” in DocStar?

I’ve never seen an option for this, so I’m not sure it exists. Maybe they could be found in the database somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There is not an easy way. Each Content Type can have a different list of Content Fields, therefore the query would have to be Content Type specific, or magically dynamic - neither of which are shipped with the product :slight_smile:

If you just want it for one Content Type, then making a SQL query or View would be easy enough - only 3 or 4 tables are necessary.

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Thanks for the input Mike! It is technically for one Content Type, but there is a value for each page of this document for this content type (OCR thing). I queried some tables in the DB, but I haven’t found anything that’s stored in plain text that’s useful. Do you know which tables I would need to look at?

Currently, it looks like a ctrl+a + ctrl+c will at least allow me get something “exported”, which is enough for now.

Multi-value items (one field, more than one value) will be stored as multiple rows in the CustomFieldValue table. You query will need to combine

Content Type
Content Item
ContentTypeCustomFieldGroups - if you have them and need to show them in the output
CustomFieldValue - this is what you are aiming for, and will have multiple values per doc/field - I suppose, equal to the number of pages in the doc based on what you said.

I’ve not actually done this, but looking at the DB this looks about right. If you version documents, then include that table set too.


Awesome, thanks again Mike! Exactly what I was looking for. Must’ve overlooked that table…