Exporting Report Data Definition

Hi Guys

I’ve been trying to export a report data definition to an external file so I can save it (the server is being reset).

I’ve seen few people being told to us the Solution Manager in E9 but I couldn’t find that in E10, the closest I could find is the Solution Workbench but the information on that screen looks slightly different to the E9 Solution Manager and when I try to search for my RDD after creating a new solution it an’t be found (I’ve tried the “Add to Solution” button).

Am I using it correctly or is there another way to export an RDD?

Many thanks!!

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I E10, > System Management> Solution Management> Solution Workbench

  1. Click new solution, Enter Rep Def for the Solution
  2. Solution Type enter “All”
  3. Description “Report Definition”
  4. Click Save

Know you will need to select the RptDataDef for the element type:

  1. Click Add To Solution
  2. Scroll until you see RptDataDef, then click on the row
  3. Click Search
  4. Search for the customized report data definition you created.
  5. Click Add to solution
  6. Save and repeat until all your data definition are part of the solution.

Know create a solution file.

  1. Click on the Actions menu
  2. Build Solution
  3. Check mark the “Prompt For CAB File Name and Location”
  4. Click Build.

I advise you to read more about the solution workbench. Once the build file is created you can install the build file into another database.

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