External BAQ showing data when tested but not in report

Thanks for the reply

In BAQ designer, the test query retrieves the data in less than 3 seconds, I'm using the same criteria in the dashboard/report.

I have been reading threads about external BAQ's. I haven't found what directly applies yet. I'll keep looking.
Epicor 9.05.701

I have an external BAQ using a SQL view joined with other Epicor database tables. When tested in the BAQ designer, it retrieves data as expected. When turned into a dashboard, using the same date range, it returns no data at all.

Any insight would be appreciated. 
How long is your retrieve time?
I remember a mention of timeout with external BAQs and no error messages.
You might be able to search this group and find that older thread & some of the specifics for external BAQs and their quirks.