Dashboard showing 'No Results'

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a dashboard that’s using an external query, I’ve created another one that works 100%, but for some reason, this one doesn’t want to return data. It returns the relevant data when it’s in the BAQ form, but not when I put it into the dashboard.

I haven’t got any filters or anything on the dashboard, I haven’t added a tracker view or any other views; it’s only as it is in the BAQ.

When you run the external query in the BAQ do you get results?

I do get results when I run it in the BAQ

Are you launching the dashboard from a menu, or opening Dashboard and loading it?

If from the menu, did you select “Dashboard-Run Time” or “Dashboard-Assembly”?

Does the BAQ require any parameters?

Hi Calvin,
The only criteria that I’ve added in the BAQ was the On Hand Quantity to be equal to or greater than 0. I haven’t deployed the dashboard yet, as I was trying to ensure that it works before hand.