Field limiting for no obvious reason

For context, I am revisiting an old project I was working on over a year ago. It all seems to be working again, except for a single field.

The field is set to 100 characters in UD Column Maintenance, Extended Properties, in the Updateable Query it is set to 100, in the Updateable Queries extended field properties it is set to 100, there are no BPM’s limiting it on either DD or MD side (and it limits the text box automatically, so it is pulling in as 4). It is also set to 128 on the SQL side when viewing the properties. The table is synced on our test environment with the same issue (our live has some description changes on other fields). It has been synced presumably for over a year.

I am fairly certain that this was not limited prior when I was testing over a year ago, but I can’t remember if the project was first created in 10.1.500 rather than 10.2.700.

Has anyone had experience with fields not acting the length that they should? I get a generic message about field length when I try to exceed it via customization.

Hidden in plain sight:


To clarify, the format in the UD Column Maintenance was ‘x100’ and should be ‘x(100)’ instead?

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