Financial Reports Printing issues

With all the printing issues going on lately, I thought I would throw mine in the bucket as well.

We have a chronic issue where a 30 page financial report prints out, but it stops printing at page 9.

You could argue that this is a driver issue (and we certainly have tried every driver under the sun), however; page 9 is clearly marked as PAGE 9 OF 9! Somehow this job gets cut short even before the spoolfile is created.

The issue surfaces from time to time only; we might be printing the same report without any problems for weeks, and then all of a suddden we have a spell where this issue pops up and frustrates accounting to no end.

We have tried different drivers and different printers. We could port the report to Excel, but then you lose all formatting (and adding a nother step). We could also print landscape and it prints out all 30 pages, but then also you have a formatting issue.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this before?