Find Parts Without Revision Number


Can you help me with my BAQ? I’m trying to find parts that do not have a revision number assigned. When I do my query I end up with all the records, even if there is an existing revision. I only want to see parts that I need to DMT the initial revision to.

I’m receiving duplicate values and not sure how to filter them out.

Maybe I need to do a sub-query or a row count?

Try using an “Except” subquery.

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Alright. Getting somewhere now. I’ll post result once i figure out this sorcery. Never used “except” before but its interesting.

Basically finding the difference between two identical queries with different criteria I believe.

Exactly. It will work like a Union query, but only provide the results unique to the first query.

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Issue I found is that when no revision exists, i dont believe there is an entry into the partrev table. It was helpful in finding mislabeled revisions. Our nomenclature is R00 R01 R02 …


Would there be a way to compare Part.PartNum to PartRev.PartNum? the missing records are going to determine my parts with missing revisions.

I’ll try some other “Types” in the sub-query options.




This might be a better universal filter. Like i mentioned before, I dont think there is a row stored in PartRev table if the revision does not exist.

Using this criteria should help narrow it down.