Finding list of Old vendors

Hi, I am new to epicor and trying to find Old Vendors that have not been used in 1yr, 2yr or 3+yr. What would be the best approach ?

You will need to write a BAQ. Check the help files, the tools guide specifically to get some of the basics down. Then you need to decide what “Old Vendors that have not been used” means, very specifically (the last time something was delivered? order placed? invoice paid?) Once you have that, you should be able to look that up in the applicable table and put some filters in your BAQ. It should be pretty trivial once you get some of the basics down in a BAQ.


Run a part transaction query and filter for types PUR-UKN, PUR-STK, PUR-MTL, PUR-SUB, PUR-INS. Link the Vendor table to the part trans table and then filter by transaction date and vendor ID or name.

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