Finding the true column width for a comment field

In the DMT template for both Part.MfgComment and PartRev.RevDescription – they each specifiy x(16000) as their column widths. However, when a BAQ is created with these columns, the field width is x(1000).

So… how do I know EXACTLY how wide these columns actually are?
Is there a table “describe” command allowing me to get a true column width?

When I do a max(len(revdescription) on the partrev table, my largest value is a little over 2800 characters wide so I know the column is definitely over 1000.

Any tips are appreciated – thanks!

Check the data dictionary.

And if it is a UD field, make sure to open the table with the _UD suffix.



x(1000) is actually Max. So it can be larger than 1000.


We used Progess DB in V8, and some records would often have values exceeding the “length”. The OrderDtl.LineDescription was the most common one. While it exceeded the “length” specified by the DB, it never seemed to cause any problems when accessing it (IU, reports, copying to other records, etc…). Only ODBC connections would fail if the record exceeded the “size”.

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