QuoteHed.Comment X(1000)


We are uploading Quote Comment data to E10.2.200 using DMT. Field size is X(1000). When you type in Quote Entry you can add more characters than 1000 and have no issues in UI / Reports / BAQ / etc…
When you upload using DMT the Comment get cut after 1000 characters. No error message.

Anyone experienced the same? Wonder how You solved it.

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Just like a bunch of other DMT issues, the solution was to use an older DMT version (.33).


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Interesting… When you see x(1000) Epicor in most cases, at the least in the QuoteComment case sets it in SQL to nvarchar(max) so from SQL’s pov you can store as many characters as you can fit. I think actually nvarchar(MAX) can store approximately 1070000000 chars.

The newer DMT must be truncating it based on reading the x(1000) from ZData Tables.

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