Fixed Quantity of Subcontract Operations

We have a manufacturing process where I’m trying to set up a subcontract operation that will only happen once per job. Each job is typically for 250,000 parts and requires one subcontract test of a set of samples. To make this work even I have to specify a Qty/Parent of 0.000004. It works okay when my job is for this set quantity but if I run a job for less I want to still only conduct 1 subcontract test.

I have set the subcontract units in the Method to EA which is a unit that doesn’t allow decimals. For testing purposes I’ve been running Kanban Receipts to create and complete the jobs. With this the job result shows the subcontract operation back in the original units with partials (ie a job with 125,000 parts will run and end up with 0.5 subcontract operations).

Sounds like you need a BPM that creates your subcontract operation on your job. And in that code you determine some calculation to send a certain qty per the req qty. You could do it by a percentage then do a Ceiling() rounding.