Fixing Parts that were not Globally Setup at Parent Company

Hi all, we’re on Epicor 10.2.600.6 and setup parts at a parent company that globally links to child companies. One of our Engineers accidently created a part at the one of the child companies. Normally we could just delete the part but operations backflushed the part into a job so now it has an on-hand quantity that doesn’t equal zero. I was told the only way we fix this is by adjusting the quantity of this part to zero, deleting it, and then creating it at the parent company and linking it to the child. Does anyone know of a better way to “fix” this? Is there any way to just create a part at the parent company and link it to the part already created in the child company? Any help would be much appreciated!

You should still enter the part in the Parent, make it global then in the child company link it in Part Entry:


Mark, this worked perfectly. Yet again you come with the answers, thank you so much. Nobody here believed it was that simple at first but it really is. This will save us a lot of time in the future.