Force PartNum to be all uppercase

I was able to make a BPM to detect when the PartNum - of a new Part is being created - contains lower case letters. But I can’t seem to get it to change it to uppercase.

I’m using a Pre-Proc directive on Erp.Part.ChangePartNum. The method has an argument named ProposedPartNum. I would have though that using a Set Argument/Var widget to set ProposedPartNum to BpmFunc.ToUpper(ProposedPartNum) would do the trick. But it doesn’t.

Ideally the BPM works in a way that the Part maintenance form would actually show the “updated” partnum (same string, but in all uppercase), after the BPM processes. I could live with it appearing in the Part entry form in mixed or lowercase, as long as it’s in the DB as uppercase.

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I ended up using a Pre-Proc on Part.Update, with a Set Field widget to set ttPart.PartNum to BpmFunc.ToUpper(ttPart.PartNum)


In one case I had to use a Data Directive, as we had Service Connect creating parts from a PLM system and the Update BO for some reason didn’t seem to catch it every time. Otherwise the code was identical.

I couldn’t get the DD to work. It would trigger, but it seemed like setting the filed to the Upper() value of the same value, did nothing. Maybe a Collation difference in our DB’s