Forecasting with SMART and loading to Epicor- Our MRP is failing to complete now

We are currently implementing the Smart Forecast for our FG so that we can peg down to the raw parts for purchasing. We have extensive lead-times out 60-90 days and this is critical as we do not have lengthy backlogs of customer orders.

We have not been able to successfully have a completed MRP run now that the forecast is being loaded directly into Epicor. It is timing out exactly at 9 hours and stops running. we have not had a complete run. Has anyone had this issue, and how many FG part number to you peg from at the top level. Our Methods are not multi layers of subassemblies and only 1 operation in most cases. Prior to this issue our MRP and Scheduling programs ran a total of less then 3 hours. Now we do not even get the scheduling task. MRP never completes.

Nothing is making sense to us.

How many parts in your system?


We have 7217 Manufactured FG




Jeanne again. Is it possible to set up a meeting with you and myself and 2 other critical members of our IT staff. We are at a lost right now why our MRP is having so many issues and would love to give you more details what we have tried.

Let me know. Feel free to call me direct to discuss further 502-202-3470 Our site that is having the issues is ours REV-A-SHELF Company. We are owned by Jones Plastics a family owned company.

I’m sorry Jeanne,
I don’t do consulting but I can try to offer some suggestions

Does it work the same (or rather not work) if you try it in a test environment?

Have you guys updated your DB Statistics Lately? What about your Index Maintenance

Are you seeing any errors in the Logs? Or is it just a timeout issue? If its a time out what is the time out error?

One way in which you can try to help is by temporarily disabling MRP for any part that doesn’t need MRP to run. You said you have 7K finished goods and I’m assuming at least twice as many components.

  1. Make a list of all parts that have MRP Turned off already
  2. Turn off process MRP for all PartPlant records (related to your plant). Then selectively turn it back on for the parts which meet one or more of this criteria.
    a) Part Detail Record
    b) Min / Max / Safety Stock Set On PartPlant
    c) Forecast Records
    e) Part.MRPRecalcNeeded = true
    f) Part is a component on one of the above FGs (if you have multi level or po suggestions)
    g) Open Orders
    h) Open POs
    j) Open Jobs

MRP by default considers every part at least briefly regardless of demand or status, so if you up front remove a lot of unused or un-necessary parts from the equation by Temporarily unchecking Process MRP on the records which don’t have a need it will speed up your MRP quite significantly.

It is just a painful process to do, do the above in a test environment first and there may be some criteria I’ve missed for exclusion. The goal is to only enable MRP on parts that have something that MRP will care about (A Demand, Forecast , Min Max Safety Stock or are part of the BOM of any of those parts I mentioned) the rest can be turned off temporarily before MRP run and then turned back on.

Like I said you’ll have to keep a list of parts which you have permanently banned from MRP so you don’t accidentally shoot yourself in the foot.

Please I’m just a random guy from the internet so consider that before making drastic changes to your environment and thoroughly test it.

Don’t forget to enable the Process MRP for all parts that had it on again once you are done.


Assuming you’ve checked all your log files, then it is a case of ‘divide and conquer’.

From your email, it seems the forecast is the issue, so you need to identify what in the forecast is causing MRP to fall over,

I would set all the forecast to inactive via DMT and rerun MRP.

If MRP works then you need to identify what is it about the forecast that is stopping MRP from completing.

Forecast works with a forecast window, so normally you will have a common set of dates for each forecast period, for example w/c 11/09/2023.

I would take the first forecast period based upon forecast date and make them active via DMT and try and run MRP.

If that fails, then at least you have a much smaller set of forecast data to try and identify the problem.

If MRP succeeds with one MRP period, keep adding forecast periods until MRP fails.

Good luck,


@JMH6271 any updates? Did MRP Finish?

Hi Jose,

Sorry I just getting back to you. Our test data bases ended up being corrupted and when we copied a fresh copy of our production data base down and started from scratch everything worked perfectly. I am going to pass on all our suggestion though to the IT groups and I appreciate all of them!!