Form Customizations (how push to users)

Hi folks,

I’m having a brain fart. I’ve done this NUMEROUS times but it’s been awhile.

I can’t seem to get my form (Order Entry) customization to show this new field out to my users. I see it when I enter Developer mode and load the form, but I can recall how to push that out to everyone (they still see the old form).


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You need to go to Menu Maintenance and set what customization you want for SO Entry. It may be in more than one place.


On that note, I’ve ended up making an updatable dashboard to make it easier to find and update these all at once, because that happens with most of my form customizations:

Would anyone be interested in a copy of that? I could share it.

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I just keep editing the same Customization per app (eg. order entry). Once that customization is at the menu level, then any further customizations I do in the same app’s customization … just keep appending change to the same one.

If that’s the wrong way to do it then please let me know – I can see how in that case, changing the menu to the “new” customization would be a thing.


Whatever works for you. We version control ours so if I need to pull the oh-shit handle I can go back to a previous version, but it’s pretty rare I actually do it


That is the way it should be done!
You never know when you introduce a bad change and need to arevert back to the previous version… otherwise your users will experience the newly induced bug and won’t be happy… :wink:

After awhile though, you need to clean up and delete the old versions…no need to keep!



Joshua - Does that mean you create new versions every time there’s a change, rather than modifying the existing one? Is it possible to for user’s personalizations to survive, or do they get blown away on new versions? Thanks!

Depends on the change. If i’m moving fields or changing labels I edit in place. If i’m adding new sheets and lots of controls, save-as new customization. If I’m editing simple minor bits of code I edit in place. If i’m modifying large chunks or adding new function, save-as new customization.

Personalizations generally are just fine, however if a user has an issue I can’t reproduce, and a delete of the Epicor ProgramData folder doesn’t fix it, their personalization gets blown away next.

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All right! Here it is:

CK_MassCustomize.dbd (192.0 KB)

The initial prompt for a Menu Description is searching the title of the menu items (e.g. Order Tracker, Part, Job Entry, etc.) using SQL “like” notation, so %s are the wildcard.

Happy to take feedback. Maybe I should post this in its own thread in Code Review?

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