Frideas for 17 May 2024

On Friday, it’s EpiUsers Frideas Day! Have you been to the Epicor Ideas Portal recently? If so, are there some ideas you want to encourage other users to vote for? Maybe want to add comments to an existing idea? Election season is upon a large percentage of the globe, so VOTE.

It’s Friday (in the Pacific zone anyway), and time to get your votes in!!! There were some good ones this week.

Note that there’s a new URL for Epicor Ideas:
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The most painful week of the year - when all the custom reports have to be moved into pilot for upgrade testing. Why does this need to be so painful for cloud customers when its so simple for on prem? I know we’re never going to get direct access to the report server. But these ideas would help at least a little bit.

Let me move JUST the rdls please:Log In - Epicor Identity
Retain the defaults on the report styles when migrating them: Log In - Epicor Identity


You can’t use solution workbench to do this still? wow crazy!

I liked this one that was proposed yesterday

Show Alternate Part Qty in the Part Qty Tracker.

High Density UX… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD what’s with all the wasted space.

KIN-I-4813 Created By, Create Time, Change Time and Change by for ALL tables.


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You can, but it hardly works, can only do a few reports at a time or it freezes. And you have to move the entire thing not just the rdl which is all we actually want to move.

If you’d like to follow transactions across all functions/services and get debug messages without downloading logs using the Server File program, consider this Idea:

Kinetic self service Usage Telemetry - 2840

@aosemwengie1 your links are broke. Since I want both of these done I fixed them:

Move RDLs for Cloud Customers
Retain report default styles when migrating reports


So strange, thank you!!!

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For those not following closely, there was a response on the DevOps idea today. I added my comments, and I encourage you to add your thoughts if this idea is important to you.

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