Full screen ads, not cool

I just clicked on a post from the “home” page and was presented with a full screen ad that had to be closed before continuing.

Are the Patreon contributors not covering the site expenses?

On Mobile @ckrusen?
Google “ads” new shit all the time, I’ll look and turn it off
We haven’t changed anything but Google auto ads is being a pain

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On my tablet (so I guess that’s mobile)

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I found the setting to turn those ads off. It should be ok within 12 hours or so it takes a while to propagate through the ad network. But you should get no more full screen mobile ads

Regarding the Patreon question, no it doesn’t cover the full cost of the site yet, the ads make up the difference.

Bill last month (February) was around $238.74 not including hosting, Patreon covers $168 and the ads make up the difference most months.

But I agree full screen ads are annoying, sorry about that.



That’s a @Mark_Wonsil level pun right there!



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