Only old people aren't smart enough to install ad block 🤣

Ah well, better than some of the NSFW ad’s that have come through before.

I’m old and I run two of them - AdBlockPlus and Ghostery. I get almost zero ads on the internet, but I do get the occasional bitchin’ and moaning from certain websites about ad revenue… yeah I understand it, and yeah, sometimes I play along…

We have blocked NSFW Ads for a while if you found some let me know and we’ll block them. Unfortunately it isn’t trivial to block at the whole site you have to block the advertiser or category

If you become a patreon you can get no ads :wink: otherwise that’s how we pay for the hosting and stuff :slight_smile:


Is there a boolean somewhere? I’m Patreon but still have ads.

Orly? I’ll have to see if there’s something goofy with that.

They weren’t aggressively NSFW, just undergarments etc… I spose I probably should have reported them.

Wasn’t trying to complain about ads. My employer should pay for Patreon, they are really the ones that benefit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ok I checked the regular Patreon group wasn’t included you should be ok now.

We can get no ads for 1$?

ah! there’s the rub I was wondering why that wasn’t setup that way… (I can’t remember what I ate yesterday let alone what I setup 4 years ago).

I’ve un-fixed it :rofl:

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More funny ads :sweat_smile: