Fw: Crystal - DateTime overflow

Just as a little note to everyone else on the list.... if you encounter this problem yourself, make sure you check the Date Format box in the Merant driver configuration !!!!

I'm in the UK and our date format is DD/MM/YY, the driver defaults to MM/DD/YY.........


Anton Wilson,
Deanestor Healthcare

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Subject: Crystal - DateTime overflow

Hi everyone.

I wonder if any of you could help me out with a Crystal problem.

I have got myself a spanking new PC running NT 4 Workstation, have loaded Vantage & Progress, Merant driver, Crystal 8 - the same set-up as I had on my old Win95 machine.

I'm loading in some reports that I recently created for purchasing. They worked fine on the Win95 machine, but attempting to run them on the new machine results in a Merant Error: DateTime overflow error.

Anyone have any ideas? I wondered if it's some difference in the way that NT treats dates, or maybe something in the set-up of Crystal as this is a fresh install on the NT machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone can offer any advice/experience of using the Crystal Web Component Server, that would be very helpful, as I'm thinking of giving it a test run on the NT machine (although I can't seem to set up IIS to include a Web Server! i've got an ftp server and a gopher server, but no www server!)


Anton Wilson,
Systems Analyst,
Deanestor Healthcare

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