G/L Accounting for sales revenues across department s

We have actually accomplished this in the past, if you know your allocation
of revenue up front. The process is as follows:

1) Create a sales order line for each of the departmental breakouts (i.e.
each departments revenue) with a product group for the applicable
department. Make sure you use the same part number for each line and the
qty ordered should be the % of the total.
2) If you link a job to the order, link all lines. If the amounts required
were entered correctly in step 1, the total for the job should match the
quantity ordered.
3) Modify the Crystal forms to group using the part number. This will
ensure that only one line for the total sales amount will appear for each
part number on the order acknowledgements, packing slips, invoices, etc.

Not perfect, but it has worked.

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We normally sell parts that will migrate through multiple departments. When
a sale occurs the sales revenue is credited to the department that is
referenced in the part's master file even though it may account for only a
fraction of the time / expense incurred. We are trying to measure the
profitability of the departments within our company instead of just the
company as a whole. The expense side is easy to allocate to the individual
departments. Is there a way to have the revenue split between the various
departments involved at the time of invoicing?

Thanks in advance,

James Smith
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Lovejoy Chaplet Corporation
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