General UI/UX support topic

@timshuwy @bconner @aidacra or anyone else at Epicor that might be able to influence this can we get a general support case topic for Kinetic UI/UX bugs. I have been just throwing them under ICE tools but I have to imagine that’s not really where it goes. But most of the bugs aren’t specific to a functional area either. Example of one I just reported I didn’t know what to do with.


Or i’m not sure what is happening here

And if you resize certain columns they should retain a fixed width and any not resized should auto fill the width. Also a means to reset that if needed, thought that’s standard practice for UX I’m assuming I would have to put that in Ideas.


No, this is NOT an “Idea”… this is a bug… but it may already be addressed. We have a fairly large project that is in play to address many of these “little” oddities. I am working with Dev on both the framework issues (that is what this is) and application issues.
I believe that reporting it under Ice Tools is probably the best place for this. If you have not done so yet, please report it to Tech Support along with the exact replication path (videos often help).


Sorry to pile on, but I am a little frustrated right now.

Every time I open a ticket, I usually get responses about the client version when 99.9% of the tickets are for the Web UI. There needs to be something to let the help desk know which UI the ticket is for. I’m tired of waiting for someone to reply and once they do they are trying to push a client solution on me. I then need to respond and wait again.

My ticket

The response

Have you tried just calling it out in the subject of the ticket? That is what I usually do and it helps sometimes. i.e. [problem] in browser or [problem] in kinetic client etc. It seems like support uses this internally sometimes to, for example, I noticed they changed some of my ticket subjects to Application Studio - xxx

At least until there is a formal way to categorize the ticket.

Good idea. I did a couple of times and it did not help. I should probably be doing it on every ticket.

Thanks for the insight.

For the moment it’s fine to report them this way - As bug reports are triaged by engineering they get re-routed to the right team so if you are wrong, it’ll find it’s way to the right place regardless. Many times it just wont be obvious which area of the codebase it is in (even to us) until investigation is done, so we expect it to need review at this stage. We may add a category though at some point to segment backend framework and new frontend framework.

This is helpful feedback and I’ll share it with the team that manages EpicCare to see if there’s something we should improve here.


Thanks @bconner !