Generate Invoices From Shipments Base System Process invoicing the wrong customer!

Good Morning!

We have a rather alarming issues that is becoming one major PITA.

We utilize the base system program “Generate Shipment Invoices” on a schedule:

This is generating invoices that have lines with the WRONG InvcDtl.ShipToNum (pulling in a different sales order for a different customer on the same invoice) when all other lines are for the same customer/sales order. This means customers could be paying for another customers order. :open_mouth:

Does anyone know what could be causing this? This happens sporadically, and support says they cannot help unless we can reliably re-produce the issue. This is a base system auto ran process that is generating the invoices.

I had a similar problem at one time, but I think mine was due to a “mass print” customization I had. Basically, it would cycle through a list of invoices (as entered by the user) and submit them to the task agent to print. What I found was that if I just submitted them as-is with a foreach loop, it was causing a weird issue where the report server couldn’t keep up with the data being sent to it.

The result was that I had Report Headers that did not match Report Details, which sounds similar to your issue.

To solve, I put a .5 second delay at the end of each loop and it seemed to solve the problem.

Not sure that helps since you’re using stock process, but I do know that I had a similar issue that was impossible to reproduce.

Thanks for your feedback Aaron, but this isn’t an issue with a report. This is an issue with the actual invoice data generated in Epicor. Basically what is happening is:

The process will create invoice 12345 that should be for customer Bob for sales order 246

I’ll then go and pull up this invoice in invoice tracker and see the following line detail.

Line 1: SO 246 / customer Bob
2 SO 246 / customer Bob
3: SO 246 / customer Bob
4: SO 999 / customer Joe
5: SO 999 / customer Joe

ooooo I see. That’s icky.

I wonder if you could dig a little deeper into what “Generate Invoices from Shipments” is actually doing…
I’ll take a look too

I guess I could de-compile the .dll lol , but this issue only started happening sporadically as of a few months ago, but lately seems to be happening more frequently. This process is out of the box and uses the “Erp.Internal.AR.CreateInvFromShip.dll”

Some things I would look into:

  1. Are those incorrect lines always at the end
  2. What is the PackerNum for the incorrect lines
  3. Is there any relationship between customers Joe and Bob (alternate bill to, etc…)
  4. Is “Consolidate Invoices” enabled for either or both customers
  5. If you create the invoice by hand, use the Get Shipments, but limit it to customer BOB, do Joe’s shipments show as selectable?
  1. They are not always at the end
  2. It is a completely different packnum from the rest of the lines for the correct customer
  3. No relationships I can see
  4. It is not
  5. They do not show as selectable

What is the packer status of the incorrect lines? Are the “SHIPPED” (as in waiting to be invoiced)?
Have the already been invoiced, and are getting pulled for invoicing again?

Do all the lines from the other packers get pulled in? In your example in post 3, lines 4 and 5 of the invoice were for lines from another order. Were these line the entirety of that order? The entirety of the packer?

Do those added incorrect lines on the invoice show up on the WIP Recon report?

The status of the pack of the incorrect lines is invoiced, and it is the entirety of that pack, and only 1 line from the accompanying sales order (not the whole SO). This is a fresh invoice for the so line, (not a 2nd invoice).

I’d have to run that WIP Recon report and try to find that information in there.