Generate PO Suggestions and logging

I’m trying to find where the ‘Log’ is stored so that it can be viewed. Field help gives the following explanation but have no place that exists for this.


Defines the file name used for recording the Generate Suggestions information. Use this field to enter a unique name for your processing logs. These log files can be found on the company’s AppServer in the Mfgsysdata/Reports directory. You use the logs to evaluate the performance of the process, troubleshoot errors, and review the progress of a specific Generate Suggestions processing run.

Epicor help gives me this information,

Generate Purchasing Suggestions

Use Generate Purchasing Suggestions to automatically create a list of suggested purchases based on time-phased information. You create actual purchase orders from these suggestions in Purchase Order Entry.

If the application is set up for consolidated purchasing and you are logged into the central purchasing company, you can run a full regeneration by selecting the Run Consolidated Purch check box. You can then review and process the purchase order suggestions from other companies.

You must be run this process before using New PO Suggestions and Change PO Suggestions. Only one user can run this function at a time. When you run Generate Purchase Suggestions:

  • Use the Selection sheet to select the parameters for the process.
  • Use the Filter sheet to select the sites to include in the generation process. You can filter by part, part class, and product group.

I tried to access ‘New PO Suggestions’ through PO Entry but to no avail. All screens are greyed out.

Anyone have any insight on this issue? I found a similar thread from 2020 but no answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know the answer, but what we do is have a custom BAQ report that displays all po suggestions, that is scheduled to “generate only” every day once MRP completes (with an archive period). If we need to look up the PO suggestions later on for any reason, we can just go back into the system monitor and click preview on that day’s suggestions.

Could probably do this with an SSRS report schedule within report server too.

If you are just trying to see the PO suggestions live, you have to add yourself as an authorized user on the buyer code(s) first, otherwise you will never see anything in the PO suggestion search.

I am set up as the default buyer and authorized user, otherwise I couldn’t even make a PO. When I generate PO Suggestions it just tells me ‘process submitted’ and that’s where things end. Most of our parts at the part level have the ‘Generate PO Suggestions’ box selected so I’m not sure where things are going wrong. We could do a BAQ but Epicor is able to do this, so I’m wondering if things may not be fully set up else where.

The log files are on the app server. Ours are here:


What is the issue though?

Oh I misunderstood your question. Does the MRP task show under Active or History tasks in your system monitor? If its under active its not done yet, if its under history, did it complete or error?

Your MRP logs are in your Epicor Data folder on your app server under Companies\Log\your user name, or you can use the retrieve server log function inside Epicor. The logs are really only useful if you have set the logging level to MRP though.

Here’s what it looks like on mine:

You specify the filename when you run the process. Process MRP runs jobs activities and PO Suggs.

Generate New Sugg runs just PO Suggs.

A screenshot of timephase data on a problem part is a quicker way to identify issues rather than trawl through log files though

I use timephase quite often but not looking for problem parts per say, but rather looking for a way to let purchasing know when parts need to be ordered based on min/max values instead of Operator’s verbally relaying the message, so generating PO suggestions is the starting point according to Epicor. I just couldn’t find where the log went to view it. It does come up on the system monitor as complete under history tasks. I can’t find a location on our sever for apps.I checked with the IT department already but I will check again.

I’ve used the log file in the past but only when other options have been expended. If the issue is that purchases need to raise POs just run generate suggestions and then have them use New PO Suggestions and/or Change PO Suggestions menus.

Using the logfile to prompt raising of POs won’t be viable. Our log files are 2GB in data which is repeating and difficult to read.

You’re cloud hosted as well. We are on-prem so I don’t think my post of logfile location will help you.

We are not cloud hosted. That was a mistake on my part when I set up my account. Yes, just generating suggestions and then use the other menu’s New/Change PO is all I want to try at this point and see how things. However, when I try to access those the New/Change PO programs though, all of the fields are greyed out.

When you are in the program the first thing you need to do is a search. Nothing is listed until you bring them in.

When you open New PO Suggestions or Change PO Suggestions, click on the binoculars icon in the upper icon tray to open the Search screen, then click Search, and then Select All. The search will return all the parts for any Buyer ID that you are an Authorized User of.

We are on prem so I don;t think my post of logfile location will help you

The File Server Download program will work for both On-Prem and Cloud users to retrieve log files. Choose the company folder and go from there.

Thank you everyone for the fast responses. Very much appreciated. I may have more questions, but for now, going to play around with things in test and see how it goes.