Generic User Audit Logs

Good morning folks,

I know audit logging has been discussed in one form or another in the forums, but wanted to do a pulse check on if there are any formal plans that anyone knows of or a workable solution for a simple log of user activity for a given entity.

For the immediate timeframe, we’re trying to figure out how to tell who made changes to a Part record in Part Maintenance. We only have a handful of users allowed in there, so we’re just trying to see who is making this edit that is incorrect so we can correct through training.

Something like:
Activity: Add/Edit/Delete
Part: 1370-3345
User: Jeff
Date: 8/24/2021 8:03am

I get it that there are too many fields to determine WHAT value was changed and record the before and after – not nesc looking for that (although that would be tremendous). Right now, we just want to see a list of activity of people making changes to a part.

Any thoughts?

You can enable the Change Log by using an In-Transaction Data Directive. It lets you choose which fields trigger a log (for example, you might not want to track fields used by MRP or else you’ll be flooded with entries any time MRP runs). It will show you date, time, username, and old → new field values. It also shows record creation.

Note that when a record is deleted, the change log is also deleted. If you want to track deletions, you will need to either send out an email notification or store it in a UD table.

Depending on your version of Epicor there is also a CDC process in Epicor. We have it in 10.2.600.x not sure if it was in 10.2.500.x though.

We’re cloud hosted – so latest. What’s the feature called/where to find the CDC process. I can’t find anything overtly.

This seems like an option. Does it make sense if I add a Post-Processing Method Directive that looks at the AssemblyName to see if the user is in PartMaintenance. And if so, record something in the change log?

Look in the BPM designer, I don’t see an object to drop regarding the Change Log – is there somewhere I can learn how to engage the Change Log from the BPM Designer (or any tips you can share)?


ChangeLog is only available in an In-Trans Data Directive.


It’s on the menu, we don’t USE it but it’s in our version of Epicor. There are guides in help though:


Ahhh… hmm. Yeah not there. I guess it’s a module that doesn’t come with our setup. It’s nowhere in search nor the System Management menu tree.

Change Log may be your friend then. However, it doesn’t log deletes (in fact delete also deletes the change log)

Alternatively you can try using a UD table and create BPMs to monitor the fields you want tracked for add/change/delete in a Pre process. That’d be per-Table BPMs but doable for a reasonable amount of tables/fields.