Audit Trail traceability


Wonder if Epicor has any audit trail report that can identify the users who made changes such as creating a new job entry, adding, deleting or editing a supplier list, etc.

This is one of the question that auditor will frequently ask about traceability and accountability.


You have changelogs.

You must enable them via data directive (standard) on the given table.

You can select which columns to monitor.


Epicor does indeed have changelogs, however, if the record is deleted, there is no log. If you want to track deletions, you will need to write a BPM to record the data in a UD table for displaying in a dashboard


You’ll need to monitor RowMod = 'D'

Thanks Aarong.
I managed to use to help to enable change log directive as per your advice.
Indeed I am able to monitor selected field.

Thanks AndyGHA for the headsup.
Indeed when I deleted the record, I am not able to find any records.
Shall figure out about BPM as I new to Epicor

Thanks aarong for pin point exactly what to monitor.
Will have to read up more about BPM to work on this.

It seems that not all tables will have changelogs.

The Change Log item is only available for programs that use a table which has an assigned ChgLogID.

So does that means those tables without assigned ChgLogID will not be able to monitor?

You can write your own with a BPM to monitor any changes, you will need to decide which forms you want to record changes on.

At some point in the past, Epicor had published KB article KB0052886, Enabling Change Log on a Table Missing the Option, but it seems that article is no longer accessible via EpicCare. However, you can still reference that article here on the forum:

Thanks ScottLepley.

Great to know that " ChgLogId" can be populated into the table that is missing this field.

Will try it once I got the access to the SQL Management Studio

I am able to follow the steps to detect that a Job has been unreleased and send email notification using Method Directives, Business Object: Job Entry and Method Code: Erp.JobEntry.ChangeJobHeadJobReleased

The challenge is there are so many fields in the Business object and how one is able to know which field to use. For this case is ChangeJobHeadJobRelease.

Example, I try to monitor who has delete or amended the Vendor.
Not difficult to guess the Business Object is Vendor. But it’s difficult to know which field in Vendor table to use.

Any simple ways that we can identify which field to use in the table rather than guessing and trying different fields?