GL Account Number on PO Release



I’m noticing that some of my PO releases have the GL Account listed and some do not.

Does this matter?

Anyone know why this is like this?

I was trying to figure out why the GL Recap on the RBNI report has a total without a GL number and it looks like it’s the for the PO releases that do not show the GL account number.

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I’ve seen the GL Recap on the RBNI have two totals, one with the AP Clearing GL account and one without the GL and it appears that the figure with the GL is the current month receipts. Don’t know if this helps any…

Epicor 9 doesn’t hold the GL account number in PO releases the way Vantage did. This was done for performance purposes. POs to inventory get their GL account from part classes POs to jobs get their GL account (either subcontract or material) from product groups. POs to other hold their GL account in the TranGLC table. I’ve written a dashboard for payables to use that shows PO release GL accounts regardless of where the GL account comes from. They didn’t trust Epicor to use the correct account. Guess what…they’ve never found one that went to an incorrect account!

There is also a “get default” button on the release tab of the PO Entry screen, that will show you the GL number when you click it, for the specific PO releases. I think the automatic GL numbers don’t show until you click that button, and the manually entered GL numbers will show up without clicking the button. :slight_smile: I hope that helps.

So I’m new to Epicor 9, I was in E8, 6 years ago but I have a custom PO report that includes the GL account in one company, I tried to duplicate it in second company changing the report name…everything worked except the GL Account field on the PO report, the relation is setup char01-char03 to key1-key3 as an output in the data def, any help would be great. Another IT person looked at it with me but we were both stumped as of the TranGL table isn’t working from the data def. also I believe it appears an XML was loaded as a dataset in crystal that no longer exists if that’s the cause

I did finally resolve this, for anyone wanting to add the GL_Account on the PO report please let me know


I’d be interested on seeing what I might be missing in my file.



/* Update ShortChar01 with PONum for Reporting TranGLC (Before the world ends)
Jason Woods (
12/18/12 */

for each ttPORel where ttPORel.RowMod ne “” and ttPORel.ShortChar01 = “”.
assign ttPORel.ShortChar01 = string(ttPORel.PONum)
ttPORel.ShortChar02 = string(ttPORel.POLine)
ttPORel.ShortChar03 = string(ttPORel.PORelNum).

Epicor wrote this custom BPM to add a relation between the tables PORel and TranGL which duplicating the datadef and adding the relation for these fields

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Thanks for sharing Chris - this might be just what I need.


Is possible to share the BAQ code that you generated the dashboard for AP to show GL accounts?

Thank you so much!!

The reason you are seeing 2 totals at the bottom of the RNI report is that the total next to the GL Account is what has been posted and the other number is the total that has not yet been captured via the Capture COS/WIP process. Once you run the Capture, you should only have one total at the bottom of the report. Then you will be able to reconcile the report to its GL Account Number.

Another thing that I do with PO Entry is I add a Method Directive such that if someone enters a PO Line for a Buy For type of “Other”, I require that they select a Part Class. In addition to this, I ensure that my Part Class codes have “intelligence” in that expense-type Part Classes start with X or Z or 0 or some particular character. So, the logic is that if TranType = “PUR-UKN”, then check that 1) it has a part class, and that 2) the part class starts with the special character. This prevents someone from buying expense items and inadvertently hitting an inventory account, which will throw off your inventory subledger.

Hi ypan,

just join POrel to TranGLC

PORel.Company = TranGLC.Company AND PORel.PONum = TranGLC.Key1 AND PORel.POLine = TranGLC.Key2 AND PORel.PORelNum = TranGLC.Key3

and display TranGLC.GLAccount

good luck,


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In addition to @PaulMorgan’s joins, you’ll want to put a table criteria on TranGLC to limit the records to just those for PORel. Otherwise you might get a type mismatch. Or you could possibly pull some other TranGLC record who’s Keys happen to match the PO Num, Line and Release.


TranGLC.ReltaedToFile = 'PORel'

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thanks Calvin…yes definitely required. I only told half a story, need more coffee

Thank you!

Thank you for this information!!