GL postings

How do I find where the other side of a posting to a GL account has been posted?

@PhilWest You chose the HCM topic for your post - so I’m not sure what the question is exactly - or your level of understanding when it comes to the GL inside ERP (I’m assuming).

The basic answer is that the Journal must be balanced, but that can be in Detail or Summary form and that is a setting inside ERP you can change. Most people do Summary - and that is important because sometimes the $$ amount that goes to a particular GL account is actually a net-change ‘summary’ value for the entire journal.

For example, in a payroll journal, more than one person’s 401k match will be summarized and its offsetting line for the company’s ‘401k match’ account will show the total and not the individual persons’ amounts.

There are a few places inside ERP that you can see what the journal’s data is - Journal Entry, GL Detail Report, etc. and the use of each is really determined by how/what you are looking for.

Hope that helps!