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With 10.2.200 our Visual studio 2017 Pro did not have the debug checkbox available to select… I was hoping it would be resolved on the newest release… but did not see it in the release notes…

There is a problem case opened for this PRB0189303 and it is indicated 3.x … Does this mean Epicor expects a resolution in a 10.3 version ??? that seem so far away… :anguished:

That epiccare problem is tied to Jira (SCR) ERPS-76727. As of today, that Jira number is targeted to 3.x which simply means that it is in our development team’s backlog. The intent is to address it sometime during the 10.x version lifespan (3.x numbers refer to framework, 10.x refers to ERP product–whenever you see something targetted to like 3.2.300.2, just replace the leading 3 for a 10 and there is your ERP version), but, hasn’t been targeted yet.

Why hasn’t it been targeted? There are lots of criteria used when prioritizing software changes. From a Support perspective, what I would recommend is to open a ticket with us and request that support submit an update request against the Jira number which will trigger an out-of-band review of the issue by the product owners. If it can be targeted to an existing release it generally will be (assuming other criteria for the issue are met), if not, then they’ll usually try to target it to the next release. As of today, the next release would be whatever comes after 10.2.300.

New release?No No i’m cool as a cucumber

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Why not share the Jira issue with the user that submitted the bug?


We do share the Jira number. Within the problem itself (which if you had a case tied to this problem, would show up under “My Open Problems” in epiccare), and/or whenever there is a support case linked to a problem, an event is added to the case with the Jira number/current target release/status of the Jira number/etc

That being said, regarding the “My Open Problems”, I haven’t seen it from a customer’s view, so we might not share the Jira number there but I suspect we would.

I still use the SCR terminology to refer to bugs/enhancements/software changes instead of just as the Jira number, and I should probably just stop using SCR as most on the development side of the fence don’t anymore.

The Jira number is just ERPS-76727

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You can also share the Jira issue itself with an email address. This allows the person who submitted the bug to collaborate with the developer who is working on the issue.


I don’t think our use of Jira will leak directly onto the wire to folks - Epicor as a company is not going open source and 100% transparent quite yet :wink:

< A little peek behind the curtain >
Service Now and Jira have an Integration we leverage to do the sync between a SN Ticket and a Jira story. We also use Portfolio for release planning. Things stay in flux there and when an issue rises to the top, it gets marked for a release to tell Service Now we can tell folks it’s targeted for release.

But what happens when a change destabilizing the heck out of an area? During a regression, we note that the issue is not worth the risk so have to pull it back from a 2 week patch or miss a release due to the fall out. In those cases, Jira was telling all it was due to get there but when it misses we disappoint the customer as well as ourselves in Dev. That’s why the two steps and why many are knee jerk shy about committing publicly. It’s happened too often as we evolve our codebase and try to improve the architecture for more maintainability and stability.

I hope that helps explain why we don’t advertise the release until it’s a bit further along the pipeline…

I completely understand!

I guess I am asking that once a bug has been accepted by dev, that the submitter is able to collaborate directly with dev on it. Currently, all contact goes through support, which means that we don’t know what dev thinks the problem is or how it is going to be solved until the fix is released.

My request is really to just remove that hop in the telephone chain and allow dev to better understand what the issue is for the end user and what the desired outcome is. I’m not saying that the customer knows best or that the request is even based in reality, but, it might be something that you try with one or two trusted customers and see if it improves the process at all. One way to do this might be to measure the time to close a bug with customer collaboration and without customer collaboration.

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And back on the 10.2.300 front…

Pay Attention to the Release notes as there are several Hot Fixes available for the release. One of the Hot Fixes is for updates to BAQ execution and many in this group will want / need that. The issues corrected in the BAQ Hot Fix are related to hardened security rules. Probably the most common issue corrected in the Hot Fix relates to a hardened SQL Injection rule which disallows a SQL query if it contains a comment. Some of you follow proper development practices and include Comments in your Calculated Column code and those comments were running into the new SQL Injection rule. With the Hot Fix we now will build the SQL statement without the Comments included so it will execute and our hardened security rules remain.


On a related note, is there some kind of broad expected timeframe to put most of the product into the Kinetic Framework or will it be a big bang thing with ERP 11?

As per active homepage we will be bringing new experiences online as it makes sense through our releases. I am not able to share timelines but I can share we are going as fast as possible to ensure we deliver quality and a seamless web experience. ERP is a very powerful and flexible product so we need to ensure we keep those capabilities and make it even better by working and validating our designs and assumptions with our customers.


I would love it if you keep us updated on the “what’s new” for active homepage. Currently there are a few too many problems for us to use it, but I am excited about it’s potential and want to know when new things are coming out so I can try them and see if we can use it.

Can anyone confirm that the “Blinding White” menu has been corrected?


You can see videos here and other content. We are also listening to feedback.

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Are we able to build internal apps with Kenetic or will we need to license Kendo for any internal dev work?

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At the moment developer.epicor.com for kinetic is under a controlled release process for partners and over time this will be available for customers similar to how the SDK is available today. Just like the client side requires Infragisitics controls (and a developer using the SDK would need a license for that) Kinetic uses Kendo controls and others depending on area and a development partner building new apps would need the correct license) . The goal however is to make the system simple to tailor and upgrades seamless but still very powerful when you need it.