Hi All,
Is there any way of grouping like items together for a job with 100 items.
If you do not want to make sub assembly’s. It would be nice to have folder you could drop like items into just to make the jobs more manageable

I’ve read through this 4 times and I am having difficulty understanding exactly what the business problem is that you are trying to solve.
By 100 items to you mean a job to complete a qty of 100? Are you needing to make things in smaller batches?
By 100 items do you mean a job with 100 components? Are having allocating/picking/staging issues?

In the job tree I would like to group like items. Let say air fittings.
I would like to have a folder that I could drop like items into and rename it air components.
I don’t want to see 100 items in the job tree, I would like to see 10 folders with 10 items in each folder.
It makes the finding item easier and make larger jobs more manageable.

I would like to create a folder (called air component’s) in the job tree and drag these items into it

Is this possible?


I have not found any way to add a folder level to the materials list in the job tree. Perhaps there is another way to accomplish your end goal?

This is a neat idea. SolidWorks and other CAD packages have this type of thing in their ‘Feature Tree’. Maybe submit a request on the Epicor Ideas Portal?

Thanks everyone