Half-day Holidays

Can anyone give me the easiest way to adjust for half-day holidays on the Production Calendar I can’t adjust this ahead of time, so I’m hoping I’m just missing something easy that will allow me to adjust for half-days. An example would be we have a half-day for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and want the Production Calendar to reflect this. Any help is appreciated!

I don’t know of a way to adjust the calendar like this for one day. The production calendar is used more to determine the available capacity for any given day/week/month. I would recommend that you do one of the following:
Toggle the day as a non-work day. In which case, the scheduling engine will push everything past that date. This works assuming you are overloaded and using infinite scheduling. If you are using finite scheduling, then leave the day as a work day, in which case, the scheduling engine will think you have all 8 hours available (obvious I know).
Further considerations:
Are you using global scheduling? If so, do you allow rescheduling of started operations? Do you allow scheduling before the current date?
Are you resource groups/resources/capacity definitions correct?

I have seen many sites where the resources within a resource group don’t match reality. Any one of these that are set up incorrectly will defeat what the scheduling engine is attempting to do.

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You should be able to use calendar exceptions for this.

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Does that work on the Resource Groups to specify the number of hours?

I’d just block out (Non-Work Day toggle) one day at the end of the year to account for both half-day holidays.

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There is no method within the resource group set up to define the number of hours. Resources and Resource Groups use the calendar you have assigned to them to determine the hours.

Perhaps a more important question is, why do you need to show that there is only 4 hours available on the half day holiday? Are you using the scheduling features?

Since scheduling is the issue, I would call the half-day a non-work day thus using the 4 hours as “catch up” or “get ahead” hours.

Unless you are using the calendar for something else, scheduling is the only reason for it.

Ummm… but you CAN set Calendar Exceptions for your individual resource Groups or Resources that differ from the standard calendar.

  1. go into resource group maintenance
  2. load your resource Group
  3. go to the Calendar Exception page
  4. Click on any day in the calendar
  5. click on the Calendar Exceptions button
  6. enter a label
  7. click on the number of hours you want to work that day and press OK.

Once you do this, you will see the exception listed on the calendar, and the system should use this when scheduling.
Individual resource have this same option as well… go to the resources tab and you will see it has a calendar too with a calendar exceptions button.


Thanks! I was hoping for something easier on the main Production Calendar as it is for the entire shop, but that will definitely work.

Nice. Thanks Tim, new knowledge!

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It would seem as though you can enter this on the Employee (employee Maintenance) but if you double click on a date, nothing happens and there is no 'Exceptions" button at the bottom.

I am trying to DMT in a bunch of exceptions but I get “ResourceCal row not found” errors.