Handheld scanners

epicor version: 9.05.701

we want to explore the possibility of using handheld pc barcode scanners, similar to the image below. These would use Epicor, so parts can be issued from the location in stores

Any recommendations would be much appreciated. (Epicor version above).


We use the old CK71 from intermec. We use it mainly for move queue transactions because of our business setup. I would highly recommend it. If you are new to it you will want to work with Epicor to potentially get a sample device if you are unsure which one you want. I think they provide that option, but check with your CAM. Also, if you are planning to upgrade the app is very nice in 10.2.400 which they were showing at Insights. Make sure you plan your execution and utilization before purchasing too many devices.

We ran into wi-fi connection issues out on the shop floor where connection was poor. We did do a little customization on the hand held module in Epicor to accommodate the screen size with the CK71 awhile back.

There is an Epicor Patch for the RDP Client I have to find it that makes the screen HI_RES_AWARE again.

But honestly you should upgrade first before exploring anything :slight_smile: What are you still doing on 9.

Intermec CK71 or better worked fine as long as you have enough WiFi Hotspots. If you need something to work over 3G - you might want to look into a custom Browser Based App and use an Android HH Device like:

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Same here we used CK71 with Audio Enabled, Customized some Screens to send “ding” and “error.wav” on Error, MsgBox, BPM – this allowed the Packer to Hammer out Packing Boxes knowing his screen was not blocked by a MsgBox. Audio Queues for the Win!

Also made a PCID (License Plate) field so they scan 1 Barcode and the data is Queried and populates the other fields.

Plus CK71 and other Intermec Products come with Admin Console so you can Manage, RDP, Settings etc… from your desktop. You can even see if the Handheld was Abused “Dropped” etc.

If you are Automotive you can also program the scanner for AIAG Prefixes (to remove them before sending the data to your RDP Session)

If there is a better one available, Maybe CK75 - aslong as it has RDP

Some Mobile History :slight_smile: Just stay away from Windows CE - its cumbersome and cant store settings properly, loses them on cold-boot… Windows Mobile or Android!

Microsoft has renamed the Windows Mobile Platform to Windows Embedded Handheld.
There where releases in the following order:

  1. Pocket Pc 2000
    • Blue desktop theme as a default. Coloured windows logo inside the start button.
  2. Pocket Pc 2002
    • Blue desktop theme as a default. Coloured windows logo inside the start button.
  3. Pocket Pc 2003
    • Blue desktop theme as a default. Coloured windows logo inside the start button.
  4. Pocket Pc 2003 SE
    • Blue desktop theme as a default. Coloured windows logo inside the start button.
  5. Windows Mobile 5.0
    • Blue desktop theme as a default.
  6. Windows Mobile 6.0
    • Green desktop theme as a default.
  7. Windows Mobile 6.1
    • More optimized than 6.0.
  8. Windows Mobile 6.5
    • Change: New dark blue desktop theme as a default.
  9. Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3
    • Change: Like Windows Mobile 6.5 but with the Start-Button on the bottom
  10. Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 **** The Image we want, latest (atleast WM 6.5)
    • Change: Just renamed 6.5.3 back to Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 to add confusion.
    From Windows Mobile 5.0 or later they come with a Windows CE 5 kernel and have the 32 MB of virtual RAM per process limit, so they didn’t benefit form new Windows CE releases, which naming is as goofed up like the Windows Mobile naming.

On Windows CE you got:

  1. Windows CE 5
  2. Windows Embedded CE 6
  3. Windows Embedded CE 6 R2
  4. Windows Embedded CE 6 R3
  5. Windows Embedded Compact 7
  6. Windows Embedded 8
  7. Windows Embedded 8 Industry
  8. Windows Embedded Compact 2013

But wait, there is more. The Windows Mobile Platform died is no longer supplied with features/improvements, since the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Team was moved to develop the Windows Phone Platform. So these are the bastard childs and the spiritual continuation of Windows Mobile based on Windows Phone with some framework additions for datacapturing. Which include:

  1. Windows Embedded Handheld 8 (also named Windows Embedded 8 Handheld)
    • Based on Windows Phone 8
  2. Windows Embedded Handheld 8.1 (also named Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld)
    • Based on Windows Phone 8.1
  3. Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise
    • Based on Windows 10 Mobile, which is based on the Windows Phone platform. We got a new rename, yay.

Does anybody know if the Handheld software will work on a Samsung G52 phone. I know it is a long shot but you never know.

Did you mean Samsung A52?

The Handheld device must be able to run a remote desktop client. On Android devices I have had success with this product, Remote Desktop Client For Android | Xtralogic, Inc., which I recall was suggested by someone else in another post (thanks to that person).

As @Haso mentioned there are resolution issues that you need to test for.

Just to clarify the handheld modules are a cut down version of the rich client. In order for that to work, you need to be able to have a Remote Desktop session running using the Handheld login. (modify your shortcut to Epicor to add /HH to the target). Using Remote Desktop services you can can publish this as an app so the user does not have to do any major logging in.

To be honest it’s a rabbit hole that only unless you are really willing to go down, I’d be upgrading and looking at the Epicor Kinetic Wireless Warehouse (AKA the Biscit App), which is an Android App on the play store Epicor Kinetic Warehouse Management Application - Biscit or with Epicor ERP10.2.500 and above you could roll your own (Reasoning for 10.2.500 is this is when Epicor functions became available - although with the REST interface in earlier versions it is capable as well).

The benefits of the Kinetic Wireless warehouse approach is that there is no infrastructure required for the sessions unlike Legacy Handheld. Cons: you have to upgrade to get that saving.

If you need to pick my brain further, just reach out.

Now I come to think of it if you were on Kinetic you could create your own handheld forms with application studio, just limit the UI to phone… I have never done this but it might be an option.


There are also 3rd party options aside from the official offering that are lower cost (Bezl).

As someone rolling their own, I would not recommend this rabbit hole. It is an awesome option, granted you have interesting problems to solve. This is where the 3rd party options are also strong, as they will work with you on custom screens for a fee.

Simon, have you found anyone other than Epicor/Biscit that can customize the Biscit App?


No not that I am aware of. I believe some of the Biscit staff are on epiusers they may be able to provide some guidance… So anyone in Team Biscit feel free to chime in.

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Did you mean https://bezl.io/ ?



We have decided to go with at Honeywell CT 60 to try and see if we want to proceed further. I have a couple of questions.

  1. We already own the handheld license. Do I need to upgrade to Epicor Warehouse?
  2. Do I need to buy a license (Biscit or other software) to try and see if it works.
  3. What, if anything else, do I need to know for it to work.

Richard, I think there is a guide or two on Mobile Warehouse on EpicWeb.



I didn’t install it myself, but it looks like (after a very very brief peek at the docs) that you just have to modify some stuff in webconfigs so that the app works to communicate with app server and then you have to register the device once you download the app to it.

Not sure what version you are on so those may be outdated.

In short, check EpicWeb.

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Thank you for sending me in a correct direction. I will be trying this some more tomorrow.