Handling Quotation Marks in a Condition Expression

I have a condition block that is checking whether or not a string in my dataview is blank. The string in my dataview contains a quotation mark. It looks like the quotation marks are being treated literally as part of the function expression, they are not being escaped. This is breaking the evaluation of the expression. How do I fix this?

Conditional Expression

"{DescriptionBuilder.SuggestedDescription}" != ""

DescriptionBuilder.SuggestedDescription Value

1018 CFS FLAT - 1.00" x 6.00"

Error (from browser dev tools)

function body "1018 CFS FLAT - 1.00" x 6.00"" != "" thrown exception SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier 'x'

Well that’s certainly a bug, whether unintentional or poor coding. :thinking: